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The Art of Sensual Massage

Faye James offers sensual massage in London. Incall sensual massage by appointment - conveniently located for Baker Street, Marylebone and Marble Arch (W1)

Caress - The Art of Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage: Caress

A sensual massage is incredibly tactile and breathtakingly erotic. Simply lay still and loose yourself in the brush of fingertips raking your back, tracing the length of your spine and wandering down between your thighs

I use a variety of strokes and massage movements to release tension, relax and arouse. It is an art and a thing of great beauty

Tease - The Art of Sensual Massage

Body to Body Massage: Tease

Body to body is more than wild gyrating and the grinding of breasts, lips and hips. It can be gentle, subtle and incredibly connected

I use my body against yours but I move slowly and rhythmically, without ascending the table, to seduce the senses so you can truly be in the moment, present to the tease and anticipation but not overwhelmed by it

Release - The Art of Sensual Massage

Erotic Massage: Play

Erotic massage builds in intensity until you can't hold back

Butterfly light caresses to your glans give way to bolder strokes along your shaft making you impossibly stiff and glistening with pre-cum

I like to keep you in suspense until your cock is slick and you ache for release


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